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Founder - Andrew Holland

Founder- Andrew Holland

I started Carpet Rescue after 10 years as a professional carpet cleaner. My desire to help pet owners and pets co-exist stemmed from being and animal lover myself and having to see countless pets being put up for adoption due to "house breaking" issues. I knew there was a way to help.

The most challenging situation for a pet owner is when the carpet has urine on it but you can't find the spot to know where to spray odor remover. More than half of the time the spot is not visible to the naked eye or ultra violet light.

I developed a device that will locate pet urine when it's not visible. The "PET CHECK" works 100% of the time and will allow you to apply odor remover exactly where it is needed. We have an "ask us how" page where we can help you develop an effective strategy for your specific issue.

We believe we can change the fact that house breaking is the leading reason why people put their pets up for adoption or simply abandon them. Because we feel so strongly about this we have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to animal welfare causes to try to help animals that our odor removal system came too late for.

- Andrew Holland, Founder

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