Here you will find a list of questions from customers and corresponding answers from the Carpet Rescue team regarding our products.

Please feel free to ask us a question. It will be held for review, and then when answered it will appear on this page in addition to you receiving an email with the answer.

Q: Does the spray have a strong chemical smell?

      - wendi

Our product has a very light floral fragrance. The fragrance portion is made of real plant extracts and has NO chemical odor. We only add a fragrance so the urine area smells good while the enzymes digest the source of the smell. If you buy it and don't like it we will refund your purchase price.

      - The Carpet Rescue Team

Q: I have dark brown carpet and cant see where the smell is coming from but I know my dog peed somewhere. what should I do?

      - Ron

Ron- in order to fix the problem you will need to locate the exact area. you can do this by getting down and smelling around or you can order our Pet Check devise. with the Pet check you can probe around and hear a beeping when you get to the spot. Then you will know where to apply odor remover.

      - The Carpet Rescue Team

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