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Odor Remover

Carpet Rescue's "Odor Remover" is a proprietary formula that is guaranteed to be much stronger and effective than any other product on the market. We have combined the use of existing effective odor removing technology with the addition of "good bacteria" to achieve a level of odor removal that was previously unavailable to the public.

Our odor remover contains a high concentration of pro biotics. This is not a watered down version like some companies sell. Our pro biotics will multiply exponentially and consume the urine, feces, or vomit completely. In just minutes millions become billions of good bacteria working to consume any source of odor. 100% safe around pets and children.

Like all Carpet Rescue products, it is pH neutral and does not leave a sticky residue that causes resoiling or poor air quality. If this product comes in contact with an odor source it will completely eliminate it. GUARANTEED!! Net Wt. 24oz.



Spot Remover

Carpet Rescue's "Spot Remover" is effective in removing all types of spots, spills, and stains including chocolate, coffee, oil, grime, ink, pet stains, food, tea, etc. it has been specially formulated to not leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and pH neutral. Most leading brands not only leave a sticky residue that will become a dark spot after time, but also are responsible for worsening the indoor air quality of the home.

It is now widely accepted that indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor city air due to high pH cleaning product residues that never got rinsed away. Our spot remover is highly effective and also safe for you and the planet. This is a balance we are very proud of. Net Wt. 24oz.



Pet Check

Carpet Rescue's "Pet Check" is a groundbreaking device designed to locate invisible urine. Simply use the pet check to probe the carpet until you hear a beeping sound. Now you know the exact location of the odor source and you can effectively eliminate it with Odor Remover.

Until now you would either need to get down and use you nose to find the spot or try using ultra violet light. UV light is a very frustrating way of locating urine and is effective less than 50% of the time. The Pet check works 100% of the time guaranteed. Not all urine shows up with UV light and getting a room of the house dark enough can be a challenge. Even when UV light does work it does not tell you what is happening below the surface of the carpet.

Our Pet Check will beep fast for severe spots and slow for minor spots. Often urine will travel horizontally along the floor under the carpet. The Pet check will allow you to know how wide a spot has become below the surface enabling treatment of the whole spot with odor remover. This device is a game changer and a must have for every pet owner.


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