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Odor Remover Pet Check

Finding and Removing Pet Odor

Step one in removing odor is to locate the source. If the spot is not visible you will need to use our urine detector "pet check"to probe around until you hear a beeping or you can simply use your nose to locate the source. This is the single most important part of odor removal.

Once you have located the spot, place a dry towel over the spot and step on the towel. This should draw any liquid up out of the carpet if it hasn't dried yet.

Next spray enough Odor Remover to completely saturate the spot. If you suspect a large volume of urine in the carpet you will need to use enough odor remover to get to all the effected area.

After applying odor remover don't do anything else to the spot. Misting odor remover over a general area you suspect to have urine will not work to remove the odor. Anywhere urine has gone, odor remover needs to go to be effective.

Spot Remover

Removing Pet Stains (visual)

The first step to removing an ugly pet spot is to make sure if it is still wet so that you can place a dry towel over the spot and step on the towel to draw any liquid up into the towel.

Next apply a small amount of neutral pH spot cleaner to the spot and gently dab or tamp the spot with a dry towel. Repeat this process until spot is gone or spot has stopped getting cleaner. Do not rub or scrub the spot as this will frey the carpet fibers and cause an untwisting of the carpet strands that will be permanent.

The last step (optional) is to mist hydrogen peroxide onto the spot and walk away. Simple hydrogen peroxide (H202) from the grocery store at 3% dilution will oxidize the yellow urine color away and it is totally safe around the home. Do not use peroxide on natural fibers like wool and silk. 3% peroxide will not bleach nylon or poly carpets. You can re-apply it until spot is gone but try not to saturate carpet down to the backing. Just wet the surface.

Spot Remover

General Spot Cleaning (food, drinks, oil, grime, dirt, etc)

First place a dry towel over the spot and step onto the towel to draw up any liquid. Next spray the spot with spot remover. If the spot is really bad we suggest letting the spot remover dwell on the spot for 2 min prior to removal.

Next place a dry towel over the spot and dab or tamp the spot and check to see if the spot is transferring to the towel. Using a white towel makes this easiest. Repeat the process until the spot is gone.

Do not agitate the carpet too much with scrubbing as this will quickly damage the carpet strands permanently. It's better to repeat the process a few times than to scrub really hard and permanently frey the carpet.

The use of a neutral spot cleaner will insure that the residue left behind does not attract dirt over time and eventually be uglier than it started. Carpet rescue brand will not add to rapid resoiling like other leading brands of spot remover.

Pet Check

Blacklight (UV) vs. our

After spending more than ten years professionally removing pet urine from customers homes, we know what works and what doesn't. This product line was not designed in an office. We designed these products to be better than what a professional currently has access to by years of in the field testing. Thousands of homes have been cured of pet urine issues because of these products so we know they offer the highest value and greatest potential for customer satisfaction.

UV lights are only effective in finding pet urine about 40% of the time. UV lights can get confused and show you spots that are not urine or odor causing. Urine does not always show under UV light especially if any spot cleaning was attempted or if there has been a professional steam cleaning since the pet accident.

Another problem with UV light is that it won't show you what's happening under the surface of the carpet. It might show you the place the urine entered the carpet but urine goes down then spreads horizontally so you need to know how far it has spread so you can spray odor remover on the actual contaminated area and not just the entry point.

The "pet check" solves all these problems and is effective 100% of the time even if the urine has been dry for years. Urine is hygroscopic which means it will rehydrate on a humid day and you will smell it again after you thought it was gone. The pet check can locate dry urine so it can be eliminated.

The pet check is a hand held device that runs on batteries and will beep fast for severe spots and slower for mild spots. It can be attached to a common household mop stick if the customer doesn't want to bend over to touch its sensors to the carpet. In the world of pet urine removal this product is a game changer!! Finding and treating pet issues are now no problem!!

Odor Remover Pet Check

Removing Pet Odor from Carpet

Shows how to get pet odor out of carpet by an IICRC cleaning technician.

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